ZYYX Maintenance Kit How To

The ZYYX Maintenance Kit is a one-stop solution to keeping your ZYYX Print Head in great shape for hassle-free printing. The Kit includes, among others, a special cleaning filament and an automatic print head cleaning sequence engineered by the team behind the ZYYX. The Kit is available for purchase at the web shop for only €35.

Visit our >web shop< for purchase. Please view our instructional video for a guide on performing the Maintenance.

Package Contents

4m ZYYX Cleaning Filament; 5pcs ZYYX Nozzle Cleaning Sticks; 4pcs ZYYX Cleaning Brush, including holder; 1pc ZYYX Spring Removal Tool


Automatic Nozzle Cleaning/Maintenance

Even though the ZYYX nozzle is known for its stable operation, nozzle cleaning at an interval of about 4-6 weeks can prolong its life and prevent future clogs, as well as fixing some blockages. The cleaning is performed with the special ZYYX cleaning filament.

The script can be downloaded >here< and should be put on an SD card for use.

Automatic Nozzle Cleaning

The automatic nozzle cleaning is based on the concept of “cold pull”, wherein an experienced user can perform a number of manual steps to clean the inside of the nozzle.
Your ZYYX 3D Printer can now perform this sequence automatically, and we have tuned the sequence to work exceptionally well with our ZYYX cleaning filament.

The Nozzle cleaning script should be repeated until the ejected nozzle plug looks clean. This ensures that all contaminants are removed.

Nozzle Plugs

Extruder Feeder Maintenance

The feeder wheel will get dirty from plastic residue and should be cleaned once every 3-4 weeks. The ZYYX Maintenance Kit contains brushes that are perfect for such work.

Feeder Wheel Maintenance

Nozzle Blockage Removal

If you have a complete blockage of the nozzle and the automatic cleaning did not fix it, you can use the heavy artillery – our ZYYX Nozzle cleaning sticks.

Nozzle Blockage Removal

Filament Blockage Removal

Sometimes the blockage is a piece of plastic stuck in the entry hole of the hot end. This is usually the case if the extruder stops feeding soon after loading the filament. To remove such a blockage, the extruder arm must be removed. The Kit comes with a tool to easily remove the tension spring, and the arm is removed by unscrewing a single screw.

Filament Blockage Removal