Simplify3D Announces Version 3.0

Our partner, Simplify3D, just released version 3.0 of our awesome 3D printing software. With more than 40 new features, Simplify3D 3.0 is the biggest release since the software’s launch in 2013.


New ZYYX Printing Profiles:

We have worked hard to update all of our printing profiles for the ZYYX. This will improve print quality for your printer, giving you even better prints. The new Simplify3D 3.0 has even more features, including notification of new profile updates, allowing you to always get the best out of your ZYYX.


Infill options galore:

Simplify3D now boasts six infill pattern options, including the popular honeycomb and triangle. The new variety of patterns allows users to configure the interior of their part exactly how they want it, whether the goal is to achieve high strength requirements or stunning aesthetic results.


The fastest slicer gets 3x faster:

Simplify3D has always been known as the fastest slicer available. Now, new state-of-the-art algorithms in Version 3.0 result in slicing speeds more than three times faster than the previous version. This enables an impressive time savings compared to other 3D printing software. Faster slicing helps with complex models and multi-part jobs, as well as allowing for quicker iteration. Combined with our realistic animated Preview Mode, this allows our users to make small settings changes and instantly see how the final print is affected.

User-friendly interface updates:

The interface has been revamped so that frequently used tools are more intuitive and easier to use. Model manipulation is simpler than ever before, and new grouping options make it incredibly easy to work with multiple parts. An “undo” button saves time and frustration, while new keyboard shortcuts improve navigation. The Preview Mode has also been enhanced with multiple coloring options, so users can visualize their build sequences by speed, active toolhead or feature type.


New settings boost quality:

Simplify3D 3.0 provides dozens of other new features to improve print quality, such as Avoid Crossing Outlines, which alters the movement of the toolhead to reduce excess oozing, and Non-Stationary Retractions, which helps to reduce defects (a.k.a. “blobs” or “zits”) on the outer surface of the print. These fine-tuning controls improve even the most challenging prints and make the difference between a good print and an excellent print.


Smarter printer profile system:

Anyone who has modified their print settings to get the best results knows the importance of saving successful settings. Simplify3D 3.0 provides a brand new printer profile system that simplifies the process of adding and saving profiles. For owners of multiple 3D printers, this streamlined profile system greatly simplifies the workflow. In addition, to ensure the profiles are always up-to-date, the desktop software communicates with a new cloud-based storage system to receive instant updates for the hundreds of pre-configured printer profiles that are available within Simplify3D.