ZYYX Stories – Anestetix

Philip Mittermaier, M.D. & CEO of Mittep AB, is a professional ZYYX user. In this video he talks about his product, Anestetix, and how he uses 3D Printing to develop and customize it.

Learn All The Tricks With Anestetix

The Anestetix Intubation Simulator is a product of Mittep AB, an incubator business at the Sahlgrenska Science Park in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Company is owned and driven by an anaesthetist.
Having observed many students and junior doctors struggle to learn intubation, the founders of Anestetix believed many of the available tools to be inadequate. They started to develop their own solution in close contact with students and educators.

Their solution, the Anestetix (TM) Intubation Simulator, has been developed since 2011 and has evolved from a hardware-dominated product to a software-based simulation application – without sacrificing functionality and adding user value and usability.

It is their goal to bring simulation to those requiring it: students, junior medical staff and medical staff that do not intubate regularly.

Their mission is to make intubation training more accessible and patient care safer.

The Anestetix (TM) simulator is a trademark of Mittep AB, Sweden.
Patents for the simulator are pending.