ZYYX Stories – Gothenburg Technical College

Every year at Gothenburg Technical College, students in their final year have the possibility to create a company around an product idea. The students go from an idea and the drawing-board to mock-ups and prototypes to, finally, a finished product. They learn about different methods of product development, CAD, 3D Printing and rapid prototyping as a part of this process.


Rapid Prototyping consists of several types of techniques used to rapidly fabricate models and prototypes using CAD (computer-aided design). At Gothenburg Technical College, students use a CAD file to 3D print a model, decide what changes need to be made, alter the CAD file, and then print a new model – all in a single day.


Last year’s students, Christoffer Karlsson and Roxanne Farspour, are two founders of EchoLogic UF, a company whose mission is to help Swedes recycle milk cartons. You can see their finished product in the video above. They used the ZYYX 3D Printer in their design process, ensuring that the product had good grip, correct measurements and functionality.


This is a great way to teach a new, modern design process. As Johan says in the video, “With a 3D Printer it is very easy to help them (students) with their creativity, so they can see a result of their idea…”