ZYYX + Colorfabb Filaments = True

We decided to showcase some of the great speciality filaments from Colorfabb. These materials make it possible to explore surface finishes in a whole new way.


For schools and artists, the flexibility to create variating surface finishes and simulating different materials is every important. By having few safe, quiet and reliable ZYYX+ 3D printers running in the classroom you can really enables your students and artists to express themselves like never before. Thanks to the simplicity of ZYYX+, you allow for a pure focus on creativity and expression.


For demonstrating surface finishes we chose a Vase design of ours that is aimed for Vase mode functionality in Simplify3D. The model can be downloaded >here<


The difference in texture, feel and look from the same model, same 3D Printer but different filament is impressive!


The filaments, from left to right, are:

- Printed with our ABS profile

Woodfill Fine
- Printed with our PLA profile

- Printed with our PLA profile, speed adjusted down to 2000mm/min

- Printed with our ABS profile

- Printed with our ABS profile, speed lowered to 2000mm/min, and cooling fan on from layer 3.

- Printed with our PLA profile


All prints were made in Fast mode (0.3mm layer thickness) with Vase mode, 2 bottom solid layers, and extrusion width increased to 0.8mm.


Increased extrusion width is a good way to get nice vase mode prints. It gives the layers a better ability to cope with sloping walls due to the increased wall thickness and adds strength to the print.


Learn more about ZYYX+ here