The ZYYX 3D Printer just got even smarter!

Update: You can now upgrade your original ZYYX with the features described below. (More info here.)

Today we are releasing the new and upgraded ZYYX 3D Printer. This release will make it even simpler and safer to print with your ZYYX. Nothing beats a video if you want to explain something, so here you go:

The ZYYX Filament Monitor is an add-on that detects problems with the filament and triggers the printer to pause, allowing you to fix the issue and keep on printing. This may sound obvious, but up until now it was difficult to find this feature in a desktop 3d printer.


When beta testing the filament monitor, we quickly realised that it is not necessary to load the same color as was in use. This opens up a new type of print – the “patchwork print”. If you need to complete a print and realise you don’t have enough filament of one color, it’s no problem – just continue with another one. And it looks quite nice! This concept can also be used manually. In the printers on-board menu you can select “Pause at ZPos”, and the printer will pause, allowing you to change the filament and continue printing.


The ZYYX Filament Monitor is a module that fits on the back of the printer. On all printers ordered from today, this will be standard. For all current users, the ZYYX Filament Monitor will be available for purchase on our webshop and retrofits to any ZYYX 3D Printer.


The new features are made possible by an updated Sailfish Firmware. We have worked closely with the team behind this open source firmware. In addition to the more prominent features, there are other smaller changes. Print quality is improved due to an optimised acceleration implementation. This results in less bumps and surface defects.