Makitpro and the OpenRC tractor

openrc-tractor-release-trailerzyyx-release-letters-inside-printer-2The OpenRC community has a new shining star: Makitpro and their OpenRC Tractor! Armed with a ZYYX 3D Printer and a tremendous amount of creativity they have put together what we think may very well be the print of the year! Enjoy the wonderful pictures.

The complete OpenRC Tractor project can be followed from this link over at Makeitpro. There’s a ton of interesting mods and additional models to print for the OpenRC Tractor, such as Lifters, Cultivator, Rice rake and much more. If you’d like to get your own 3D Printer to print models like these, please contact us or visit our store for more info.

OpenRC Tractor TrailerOpenRC Tractor LeftOpenRCTractor Left-release-trailer-leftopenrc-zyyx-relase-letters-1openrc-tractor-release-rice-closeopenrc-tractor-release-working-rice