The new ZYYX+ released with the new proFilament line


Our team in Gothenburg, Sweden, is happy to announce the release of the new ZYYX+ 3D Printer, a follow-up to the ZYYX 3D Printer.

The first ZYYX 3D printer was developed with focus on reliability, ease-of-use, making it fume free and quiet. Why? This was lacking in the existing 3D printers. With the new ZYYX+, our objective has been to surpass our competitors when it comes to print quality.

New Features of the ZYYX+

All Aluminium Moving Parts

The moving parts around the print-head are all aluminum, which increases stability and reduces vibrations. This will improve the print quality and extend the lifetime of the printer.

ZYYX aluminium  upgrade

New Print Fan

A new and stronger print fan has been introduced. The design and the mounting allows for an easy access of the feeder mechanism when doing maintenance. Furthermore; the print fan speed can now be adjusted directly in Simplify 3D.

Professional Print Quality

The motion planner algorithm and the extrusion algorithms have been redesigned, with the purpose of removing vibrations and improving retractions. The result is an increase in the quality of finer details.

So what about heated bed? Thanks to the closed chamber and the excellent adhesion of the ZYYX building plate you get ABS prints fully on par with what you get from any heated bed. The beautiful “Aria the Dragon” by Louise Driggers to the right here is printed with our proABS at medium print quality(0.2mm layers).


ZYYX proFilaments

The ZYYX+ is fine-tuned to fit our new ZYYX proFilament line; the ZYYX proABS, the ZYYX proPLA and the ZYYX proFLEX.

The ZYYX+ of course work with other filaments but the ZYYX proFilaments will increase the reliability and the quality of your prints.


The ZYYX proABS is our ABS blend that performs well with our build plate and has minimal warp, due to the polymer mix.

Our proABS is excellent for printing prototypes or production parts that are exposed to medium mechanical stress.

The surface of a ZYYX proABS print will be matte.

The Computer Fan Concept Model by Creative Tools is printed in ZYYX proABS.



The ZYYX proPLA is our PLA blend that ensures stable overhang performance and excellent surface quality, due to controlled viscosity in the cooling phase.

PLA is used as the first choice for prototyping and producing parts that will not be exposed to thermal or high mechanical stress.

The surface of the ZYYX proPLA will be semi-glossy.

The Lid part of the openR/C Formula 1 Car by Daniel Norée is printed in ZYYX proPLA.

ZYYX proFlex

The ZYYX proFlex is our pro grade Flexible filament suitable for printing everything from shoe soles prototypes to RC Car tires. It has an hardness of approximately 85A, and by setting the infill percentage and number of shells in our pro Profiles for Simplify3D the hardness of the printed model can be varied depending on application.

When printing with proFlex we strongly recommend use of our ZYYX Soft Spring to ensure stable extrusion.

The Palmiga Sandals by Thomas Palm is printed in our ZYYX proFlex.