OpenRC F1 – Developed with a ZYYX 3D Printer


Daniel Norée, Mechanical Industrial Designer and engineer at Creative Tools and founder of the OpenRC project, recently released his latest creation, the OpenRC F1 3D-printable race car. Daniel has done an astonishing job of designing this epic RC car, and we are very impressed by the detail and design of the vehicle.


As one of the sponsors of the project, we made sure that Daniel had the best tools at his disposal; the development of the OpenRC F1 was completed using a ZYYX 3D printer.


We printed the car in PLA and the tires in NinjaFlex, and, for an even more realistic look, we added the ZYYX name on the side of the tires using the multi-material feature of the ZYYX 3D Printer.


We installed the recommended electronics and fired it up to do some laps and doughnuts. Let’s just say it was a blast both printing, building and driving the OpenRC F1!


For more information about the F1 project and OpenRC please visit:
Pinshape for the print files and instructions on how to print it
The OpenRC web page for more in-depth information about the project
And don’t forget to vote for Daniel Noreé in the Pinshape Awards!