The ZYYX Camera! Check your print any time, anywhere!


The following post is a guide to printing and mounting a D-Link camera on your printer. This is great if you want to watch your printer and its progress any time, anywhere!

1. Preparation

The first thing you will need is a D-Link camera. We use the DCS-930L, and the design we have made is for this specific model. You will also need to pick your preferred plastic filament. We recommend black PLA. The final items required are good double-sided tape and, of course, your ZYYX 3D Printer!

2. Printing

Once you have prepared your printer, you must prepare the file! You can download the two models here (Camera_holder ZYYX_tag).

One of the designs, the actual holder, is printed with rafts and supports. Therefore, after the print is done you must remove the excess material. The ZYYX-tag is printed with without supports or rafts to create a smooth surface, allowing the tape to stick more effectively.

Sliced again

3. Assembly

Once you have acquired all of the components, you must assemble the product! On the backside of the ZYYX-tag you just printed, apply an appropriate amount of double-sided tape. (See picture below.) After you have applied the tape, you’re ready to mount it on the printer. Set the ZYYX-tag so that it aligns with the inner edges of the printer, and make sure that it is attached securely. (See picture.) Put the camera in the holder and mount the holder onto the tag. (See picture.)


4. Connecting

Your camera is now set up and almost ready to use. To start using your ZYYX Camera, you will need to set up an account at MyDlink. With this, you will be able to enjoy your printer’s creations from your phone, tablet or computer any time, anywhere!