pro Carbon 3D Printed Skateboard Trucks

Our good friend Daniel Norée has been working on a new project this fall – 3D printed skateboard trucks. These are normally made in metal to withstand the high stress of skateboarding, but Daniel has taken advantage of the new ZYYX pro and high tensile strength of ZYYX proCarbon filament to successfully cruise around town on his new trucks. To push the material to its limit, Daniel even subjected the trucks to two tons of pressure in a hydraulic press – without reaching failure.

This project is a perfect example of pushing the boundaries of 3D printing as we know it. Using the right type of printer with the right type of material, it is possible to create those coveted high strength 3D printed products and prototypes – whether they be skateboard trucks, industrial brackets, or anything in between.

Below you can find all of the videos made by Daniel concerning the project. If you like Daniel’s work, you can support him via his Patreon, here.

Part 1

Daniel’s first time showing off the 3D printed skateboard trucks, sharing some background and thoughts around the project. A successful test of the truck’s durability!

Part 2

The second part of the skateboard truck, the bushings, allow the board to turn. Daniel exchanges his original bushings with ones 3D printed in flexible filament. Yet another successful test skating down the local hill.

Part 3

The skateboard trucks work well skating around town, but what can they really handle? Daniel puts a total of 290kg on the board trying to break the 3D printed parts,but to no avail.

Part 4

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This time by popular demand, Daniel heads to the local metal shop to test the board in a hydraulic press. A total of 2 tons (2000kg) is put on just one set of wheels, and the 3D printed parts still do not break! But they have definitely seen better days…

Part 5

After the last encounter, Daniel takes a look at the effects on the trucks after the hydraulic press.