Prototyping in the maritime industry – Båtmässan 2018

An opportunity for prototyping

The last days we’ve been roaming the floors at Båtmässan in Göteborg to get closer to our customers and the people who needs strong parts for an ever so changing industry. It’s fantastic to see all the clever products being designed and showed off on these trade shows, but it’s clear there are so much more potential and products out there and our role is to enable the engineers to create them.

When talking to some of the engineers at Båtmässan it’s clear that the R&D and rapid prototyping with 3D printers is still not used as much as it could. We find it’s often considered to be too expensive to implement for high-end engineering prototypes and the machines invested in are used mostly to print parts only suitable for visual inspection.

Taking a closer look on the products displayed on Båtmässan i’ts very clear that each of these manufacturers have a huge potential of benefiting from our products. With strong engineering materials in the 3D printing process, you would reduce costs in many stages of the product development process.

Not only are the more obvious design stages a time and cost saver, but even after that stage, when manufacturing, assembling 3D Printing is a huge cost-saver. Being able to iterate and change jigs and fixtures for a fraction of the cost and in days instead of weeks will speed up production, lower costs and create a better working environment.

Our professional 3D Printers use engineering materials that can withstand the abuse of assembly lines and functional testing and if you’re curious about the materials supported, we have great samples to send to you.

To leave you with a bit of inspiration. Have a look at the image below and count the potential parts that all have to be manufactured and how the process of develop the parts was done. Try to imagine it with and without a 3D printer.


If you’re in the boat and marine industry and would like to use 3D printing in some stage of your development process please get in touch with us at ZYYX 3D printers for more information on the benefits of our 3D printers. We’ll provide you with a free sample of our engineering material to prove how strong our poly-amide (nylon) materials from ZYYX pro really are.

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