Simplify3D Announces Version 4.0

As friends of ZYYX no doubt already know, the ZYYX+ – as well as the ZYYX pro – is bundled and delivered with Simplify3D’s professional 3D printing slicer. We are therefore happy to inform you that this long-standing partner is releasing version 4.0 of their software! The update focuses on improving the overall slicing experience, supplying more options as well as addressing many of the most popular requests from the community!


Process System Improvements

The big focus of this update is Process System Improvements, including areas such as Improved Sequential Printing, Drag-and-Drop Reordering and Seamless Process Transitions. These allow for more printing possibilities; for example, Multi Material Printing, already possible with the ZYYX, will now be even easier and more streamlined.


Variable Print Settings

The new Variable Settings Wizard gives you the power to customize any setting that you want for different regions of your model. You can customize the print quality for different features, or even change the mechanical properties of the part unlocking a whole new world of possibilities!  This in combination with the improved Seamless Process Transitions this is really exciting.


Dynamic Gap Fill

Thin walls and gaps can now be filled with a single dynamic extrusion that is automatically adjusted to fill the available space. Even if the thickness of these walls are constantly changing, the software will ensure the gaps are perfectly filled adding strength to your model’s interior. This also provides a significant print speed improvement versus previous gap fill methods.


Popular Requests

Simplify3D has been listening to the community and added some of the following: Bridging Perimeter Options, Bridging Angle Selection, Multi-Process Vase Mode, External Fill Customization, Improved Mesh Reduction and much more.


Enhanced Preview Controls

Simplify3D offers a unique interactive print preview that allows you to simulate your print exactly as it will happen on your 3D printer. You can watch the toolhead as it lays down each individual line of plastic, giving you an unprecedented level of insight into how your 3D printer will behave. With Version 4.0, Simplify3D has improved the controls that you use to interact with the preview, making it faster and easier to spot issues that may affect your prints. This includes things as: Keyboard Scrolling (1), Jump to Location (2), Position Readout (3) and Range Controls (4).


The update is free of charge for all Simplify3D owners and can be downloaded here, where you also can read more about the new version.