ZYYX 3D Printer showcasing Benchtop Metal 3D Printing at TCT Asia 2018


What a start to TCT Asia 2018!

We’re attending TCT Asia 2018 together with Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co, in their booth. At the booth we’re showing professional 3D printing materials for the the ZYYX3D Printer lineup and advanced 3D printing filaments for the ZYYX pro.   Although what’s stealing the show is our teasing of our newest developments;

Metal 3D Printing


Our benchtop metal 3D printing will disrupt the 3D Printing market once again with metal 3D Printing at a fraction of the cost.   At TCT Asia we are showcasing some pure metal prints in steel, copper and bronze. These are early tests done back home in Gothenburg with our new technology that will enable a complete metal 3D printing and sintering solution for under 10’000 EURO.   More information about our metal 3d printing technology will be released soon…

TCT booth

The eSUN booth is packed with interesting 3D Printing filament and ZYYX 3D Printed prototypes made with both the new metal 3D printing technology.   Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. and ZYYX 3D Printer partnership focus on strategic sales and advanced material development for engineering materials. With the advantages of stable quality, rich varieties, cost-effective and wide application, eSUN is now one of the leading 3D printing filament brands in the world.


We are also showing our ZYYX pro professional OfficeSafe 3D Printer at DuPont booth, highlighting the exciting professional 3D Printing materials from DuPont. Read more about the interesting materials from DuPont for the ZYYX pro via this link.

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