ZYYX 3D Printer displayed at SIBA, Nordic electronics retail chain

We had the chance to show off the ZYYX 3D Printer at a two-day long event at SIBA in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event was a celebration of the fact that SIBA opened the doors to the first Swedish electronics supermarket exactly 40 years ago! We were invited to show off something that may possibly be seen in future SIBA offers…

IMG_1601 (Medium)
IMG_1591 (Medium)

We printed items called “kundvagnsmynt”, in Swedish. These are coin replicas used to unlock shopping carts (IRL type). This was a particularly good demonstration, as the coins were arranged in 27pcs on a full build plate, something easily done with Simplify3D. We printed continually for two days without any recalibration of the plate.

We would like to express our thanks to SIBA for giving us the opportunity to show off our printer, and to all the staff at SIBA for their interest and help!

SIBA is a Nordic electronics retail chain with stores in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. More information about SIBA >here<.