Open RC Accessory Contest Winners Announced!


We knew we would get some amazing entries for this contest but we were blown away by how many awesome entries we received! Thank-you to all those who entered and submitted their designs! Our judges had a very tough job deciding on the top 10 designs but they based their scores on creativity, technical excellence, and presentation.
Without further ado, here are your Top 10 Winners for the Open RC Accessory Design Contest!

6th – 10th place

Race Car Driver and Helmet by  Flashsolutions


Imagine yourself in the drivers seat of an F1 car! Flashsolutions did just that by scanning their own bust and creating this compatible race car driver helmet and visor.

Bull Horn Hood Ornament by Ryan van Waes


The judges loved the creativity of this design – a bull horn ornament that fits right into the nose of the RC.  Great work by Ryan van Waes.

Open RC LaserDesigned by keilum griffin


Keep your enemies in the dust with this laser attachment! Great design which makes for a quick print and keilum griffin included his print settings.

Open R/C F1 body kit 2 by   a_kuhta


How awesome is this body kit!? It’s very Open RC meets Dark Night – Great design work by a_kuhta

ORC Grand Tourer by Isotalo


Another great body kit design by Isotalo! It can be mounted to the F1 car chassis with M3 screws.

3rd – 5th place

led Rally light accessory for open rc formula 1 by   delukart


A functional LED light so you can take your RC out at night! Nice work by delukart who also left instructions on how to install the lights on the design page.

Open R/C F1 Bumper Car Kit by  PIPE AGUIRRE

container_open-r-c-f1-bumper-car-kit-3d-printing-67759 (1)

We love the bumper cars when we were kids, and now PIPE AGUIRRE has recreated that experience with the F1 RC car! He has included recommended material for each part of the bumper kit.

OpenR/C Speed Boat Accessory by   MakersPlace


We love the creativity behind this design! MakersPlace designed a 4 part accessory kit to take the RC from speed car to speed boat! Don’t forget to make the parts watertight.

2nd place

RS-01 OpenRC F1 Adjustable Suspension Chassis by   brett turnage


This design was well thought out and very technically sound! Great work by brett turnage who also demonstrated the accessory in a few Youtube video’s.

1st place

OpenRC F1 DRS system by makit


For those who want their RC to be as fast as possible, this DRS (drag reduction system) is build to reduce aerodynamic drag to give you optimal speed! Great work by makit on making it easy to print and technically functional. All the instructions are broken down on the design page.

Thanks to Pinshape for hosting the contest and again congratulations to all our winners!