ZYYX Design – Mobile Holder

IMG_0101 kpa2

We have recently finished a new printable design with multiple parts to showcase mechanical 3D printing, our new materials as well as the ZYYX pro. The designer is Måns Olander, he is studying “design and product development” and worked for us during the summer. The design consists of multiple mechanical parts that, when put together, become a flexible mobile holder you can use for filming and photography. You can download the design here and print it out yourself!


Cell Phone Gripper

The model is in our proCarbon and printed on the ZYYX pro to get the best results. This mechanical design is equipped with a spring that will help grip and hold the phone in place. At the end of the gripper there is a ball joint that will give the user more flexibility with angles.

With this type of design, it is important that all the parts fit perfectly – precision is key. The gripper’s arm needs to move freely along its track so that the spring can act as intended. Why we printed this in proCarbon is also due to the mechanical properties – we wanted the gripper to withstand any mechanical stress.

IMG_0093 kpa

Adjustable Arm

This is an interesting design, as it is modular. Every link in the arm is printed separately and then put together. This allows the user to adjust the length of the arm on the fly by removing and adding links. Every part is also its own positive and negative end of a ball joint, so the arm can be set in all kinds of shapes. All of this gives a very flexible mechanical arm. We printed it in proKev on the ZYYX pro to give the links a little bit of flex and great durability.

IMG_0056 kpa

Screw Clamp

The final part is composed of 7 different parts, two screws, one nut and one spring. The clamp is of course adjustable and can be securely tightened, due to us printing all but two parts in proCarbon. The last two parts are printed in proFlex. These parts are where the clamp will grasp the object, giving the clamp better friction and grip. Combining these two materials creates a screw clamp that will be able to attach safely to most objects.