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ZYYX 3D Printer Simplify 3D Profiles

We constantly develop new and improved profiles based on customer feedback and new development of materials and products for our ZYYX 3D Printers.


NOTE that it’s very important that you are using the correct Simplify 3D profile for your firmware (and/or SwiftTool) when slicing your files. Otherwise damage can be done to your machine, which is not covered by warranty.


For example, if your ZYYX+ is running firmware rZX30, you should be using V3 Simplify3D profiles.

If your printer runs rZX50 firmware, you should use V5 profiles.


ZYYX+ and ZYYX Classic

Profiles (V5) compatible for ZYYX+ and ZYYX Classic running firmware rZX50 or rZX52.


Please contact support if you have older firmware.

ZYYX pro

Profiles compatible for ZYYX pro (all pro firmwares)


Make sure you use a gcode matching SwiftTool and Simplify3D Profile when printing.

If you need to update your firmware. Please navigate to Support page and Firmware section. If you need any assistance please contact ZYYX 3D Printer Support in the form on our support page.

Please note that all files are compressed in ZIP-format and requires 7-zip, or something compatible to unpack these files.

7-zip can be downloaded for free from

For OS X you can use

For Linux derivatives you can use p7zip, e.g.