Print unlimited colors and unlimited materials with your ZYYX 3D Printer

why limit yourself

We try to push the boundaries of what you can do with a ZYYX 3D Printer every day, and one such boundary is multi-color and multi-material printing. We can now give you, as a ZYYX user, the freedom of multi-color and multi-material with just a firmware upgrade!

We have created a system, together with Simplify3D, that allows you, the ZYYX user, to create colorful and complex creations with the machine you already have, or, as a potential buyer, the machine you will soon purchase!

This is all done by creating individual processes in Simplify3D for each part of the model and telling Simplify3D to use a new material for each of these processes.

You can assign different print profiles to different parts of your print, allowing for embedded parts in not only a different color, but also a different material.



This London underground-inspired creation is done in four colors of PLA, all in one print. Since it is planar, no special treatment of the design is needed; you just need all colors to be separated into different stl files.

Model available at

ZYYX Cardholder

The ZYYX Cardholder was divided into five parts. The bottom base was printed in black Ninjaflex Semiflex and the rest in PLA. This model contains color changes in the middle of the print. To avoid the print head hitting the arms while printing the logo parts, the body part was divided into arms and base. The printer will thus print the arms after the logo parts are completed.

Model available at


The ZYYX Watch band was printed with NinjaFlex for the flexible bottom parts and PLA for the rest. Here we switched to our ZYYX Soft Spring while printing the Ninjaflex and then switched back to the normal spring for the rest.

Model available at


The ZYYX Sandal was printed in TPE from 3DPrima. The curved part of the surface needs to be rotated so that the upwards slope is facing back to ensure that the print head does not hit the previously completed part while printing the ZYYX logo.

Model available at


Here is an example sliced model, in this case the ZYYX Cardholder model.
The print is divided into four parts: the base is printed first (visualised blue), then the ZYYX logo part (green) and logo text (yellow), and finally the arms (orange).

Multi-material Printing Tutorial Video

We made a video tutorial that will get you started in printing with multi-color and multi-material. Keep in mind that this is an advanced function and that you need to understand the limitations and usage ideas before printing in practice!

Multi Material Printing - ZYYX 3D & Simplify 3D Tutorial


The new firmware will be available for download from our site, and new profiles available from Simplify 3D, beginning 2015-10-02. This is all you need to start printing in multi-color and multi-material. Happy printing!