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Gothenburg, Sweden, 15th of April 2016
3D Printing at the 2016 SmartGeometry Conference

For the 15th year SmartGeometry (SG) has gathered a global community of innovators and pioneers in the field of architectural design with computational tools. This year Magicfirm Europe AB was invited to support the conference with ZYYX 3D Printers. Nine printers ran more or less around the clock and were used for a variety of purposes in the different clusters.

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Gothenburg, Sweden, 22th of January 2016

Swedish company Magicfirm Europe releases the new ZYYX+ 3D
Printer and the new proFilament line

Today the Swedish company Magicfirm Europe AB announces the release of the new ZYYX+ 3D Printer, a follow-up to the ZYYX 3D Printer.
To go with the new ZYYX+, a new line of filament is introduced: ZYYX proFilament.

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Gothenburg, Sweden, 30th of September 2015

The Fume Free ZYYX 3D Printer now prints unlimited colors and unlimited materials in one print

Today magicfirm Europe will release a new ZYYX Firmware together with new Simplify3D profiles.
This ZYYX 3D Printer release boasts a world premiere, the first FFF 3D Printer capable of printing unlimited number of colors and materials within one layer..
The upgrade is available free of charge for all existing customers.

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Gothenburg, Sweden, 5th of May 2015

The ZYYX Maintenance Kit Released

Today Magicfirm Europe released the ZYYX Maintenance Kit. This is a one stop solution to keeping your ZYYX Print Head in great shape for hassle free printing. The Kit includes among others a special cleaning filament and an automatic print head cleaning sequence engineered by the team behind the ZYYX. The Kit is available for purchase in the web shop for only 35 Euro.

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Gothenburg, Sweden, 9th of February 2015

The Fume Free ZYYX 3D Printer just got even smarter

Today the new and upgraded ZYYX 3D Printer was announced. The new features focus on providing a better user experience. The ZYYX 3D Printer is available for purchase at the same price as earlier, 1550 EURO. Existing users can also get the new features via an upgrade.

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Gothenburg, Sweden, 18 July 2014

Swedish company launches the first fume free desktop 3D printer

Gothenburg, Sweden, 18 July 2014. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Today the Gothenburg company Magicfirm Europe is launching the ZYYX 3D Printer. This new desktop 3D printer, the first designed in Sweden, has innovative solutions to the major issues facing current users of 3D printers.

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About the Company

Magicfirm Europe AB, company number 556941-6729, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, was founded in September of 2013. The Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Magicfirm LLC was made a shareholder in the company to strengthen the brand.

Gothenburg has a long, proud tradition of economic ties with China, from the establishment of the Swedish East India Company in 1731 for trading with Shanghai, up to the recent purchase of Volvo Cars by the Chinese car maker Geely.
The Magicfirm Europe office is located next to Chalmers University of Technology, at the premises of the Chalmers Innovation incubator.
Mats Moosberg, CEO of Magicfirm Europe, +46 737 28 48 55,